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    Psychonaut Wiki

    Psychedelics Resources

    The Subjective Effects of Psychedelics Are Necessary for Their Enduring Therapeutic Effects

    A Longitudinal History of Self-Transformation

    Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

    Shaking the Snow Globe: A Theory of Psychedelics

    Addiction, Despair, and the Soul: Successful Psychedelic Psychotherapy, A Case Study

    Harm Reduction

    Principles of Harm Reduction

    TripSit Guide to Drug Combinations

    FireSide Project

    Anonymous Drug Analysis Program


    The Ultimate Guide to Integrating Psychedelic Experiences

    Everything You Need To Know About Psychedelic Integration

    Intention Setting and Integration: How to Make the Most of a Psychedelic Experience

    What is Psychedelic Integration (And Why Is No One Doing It?)

    Cannabis and Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy

    Center for Medicinal Mindfulness

    The Progressive Impact Psychedelics & Cannabis Are Having Within The Medical Community

    Checking In, Not Checking Out-Cannabis Assisted Psychotherapy

    The Potential of Psychedelic Cannabis to Treat PTSD

    Psychedelic Cannabis: Using the Plant for Healing Trauma

    Ketamine and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

    Ketamine: 50 Years of Modulating the Mind

    The ketamine blew my mind: can psychedelics cure addiction and depression?

    Mechanisms of ketamine action as an antidepressant

    Ketamine for major depression: New tool, new questions

    Ketamine in Psychotherapy: Opportunities To Explore

    Ketamine psychedelic therapy (KPT): a review of the results of ten years of research

    Ketamine in Borderline Personality Disorder