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    “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ― Rumi

    Integrated and holistic counseling, psychotherapy, and psychedelic therapy focus on inclusive well-being, providing the foundation for satisfaction and fulfillment in all dimensions of the human experience. When the mind and body work in instinctual cooperation, the inherent program is accessed for healing and restoration and the mind/body is able to maintain its natural state of wellness, health, and harmony.

    After many years of providing therapy in many different practice environments, it became evident to me that almost all mental and emotional problems, in addition to physical health conditions, are rooted in trauma or chronic stress to the mind and body. Traumatic experiences and stress, often outside of our conscious memory, lead to maladaptive cognitive programming and negative thinking patterns that create detrimental habits of acting or reacting and emotions that interfere with wellness, satisfaction in life, and realizing one’s full potential.

    Healing, recovery, and wellness involve identifying and resolving barriers to the homeostasis in mind/body/spirit and then creating a lifestyle plan to modify and maintain healthful physical, mental, and emotional habits. A true wellness program supports all aspects of one’s life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and relational, environmental, financial, and occupational. Creating new habits that support consistent, conscious choice-making provides a foundation for recovery, growth, goal achievement, and self-realization.